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Starting from Comic #775: #775 Tsunami
#775 Tsunami
You'd think that his experience at the karate tournament last year would have humbled Blanco Zapka, but no.........

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How the hell did he lose all that weight so fast, I though last time we saw him I remembered him being 500 lbs lol XD

Karma strikes again
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#776 First Mud
I had thought about doing a whole chapter with Randall in a "Rambo" sort of situation. Then I decided a single comic would work well enough ^^. Perhaps that is just as well...

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That sounds like a fun camp experience 😆
If you happen to murder somebody else at summer camp while growing up, the police will understand, it's just a normal part of the camp experience. A majority of campers never come back home anyways :D

Joking aside, I would *not* send my child to a camp where somebody completely nucking futs like Randall is a camp counselor. Last thing I want is for my kid to come back a psychopathic nutjob! :O
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