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All At Sea
#794 The Second Honeymoon


Starting from Comic #794: #794 The Second Honeymoon
#794 The Second Honeymoon
Ever get that feeling of deja vu?

Reader Comments

It's Hawaii all over again X3
Ooh! Getting naughty in a hot tub. Nice! :D ;)

I don't think Reggie is going to enjoy having to smell his brother's crotch scent in his face for a while now, though! XD
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#795 Happening All Over Again

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Well, now there's a good chance they're going to be arrested! :D Even worse that the kids on this cruise might get to learn something about the "facts of life" before they should...
Don't jinx yourselves! XD
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#796 Always And Forever

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It’s sweet that Russ and Linda can share an intimate moment in the midst of almost getting caught in the buff! Also, bonus points for the Simpsons reference! It is what inspired this scenario after all! XD
So the Simpsons actually exist in this universe? Because the naked couple in the balloon is an obvious reference to *that* one episode :D (Impossible to forget Homer dragging his naked yellow ass across the top of the glass roof of a church XD)

As silly and goofy as this though, the last few panels of this trip really made me smile :) I do adore Russ and Linda as a couple and this certainly shows why. They're meant for each other and a very sweet pair <3
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