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Water Lily High
Issue 1
Science Un-fair pg 7

Water Lily High

Starting from Comic #21: Science Un-fair pg 7
Science Un-fair pg 7
I know the ending to this is a little meh, but I'm very happy with it :D I hope y'all enjoyed my first long comic, I have more longer comics planned so you might see them very soon as well as some of my usual short ones!
Behind You!
Here's something I had planned for Halloween last year but never got around to draw it, so here it is!
Watch What You Eat!
If anyone doesn't get the joke it a reference to one of my most favorite movies Scott Pilgrim vs The World! It's the scene with the vegan police destroying the 3 evil ex Todd Ingram!

I actually made the script for this comic back in 2017, I changed some of the dialogue and characters because the original just didn't fit, hope y'all like it :)
Bath Time!
Ain't bath time fun?!....

I actually just had the idea to make this comic, glad I was able to get it done quickly, hope y'all like it! :)