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Water Lily High
Issue 2

Water Lily High

Starting from Comic #33: July
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Your comic is cheesy and cute and I like it. Like paranormal Archie or something. Yee
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What She's Got
Sorry if the lines look a little jagged, I actually use traditional line art for this comic, the panels, text colors and word balloons are all done in digital, I wanted to try it out for fun, tell me what you think of it! :)
Turn It Up!
DISCLAIMER: Now before someone gets upset (this disclaimer is for just in case someone gets upset with this joke, I'm not making fun of anyone's music choice's nor am I making fun of the songs I'm parodying), this is just a joke I came up with a couple of months ago because of one thing I noticed.

And I'll admit, I'm not much a fan of a majority of the new music of today, nor am I a fan of some emo songs, (but if you like any of them, that's cool, you do you) but I have noticed that some of the new songs of today have a bit in common with the old emo music of the past, what I mean is that they seem to talk about deeper emotions, depression and anxiety, now the songs of today are obviously not emo but just share just a little bit in common with them, which is quite interesting to me.

Now the two songs I picked to parody this weird comparison that I made are definitely NOT the same but just two popular songs I could think of at the moment, (if you noticed which songs they are go ahead and comment them below) I do hope this was quite a silly and odd comic for you to enjoy. :)
The Call Part 2: The Unanswered Question
Hmmm... That plushie looks familiar... Can anyone tell me his name?...

Also find the some of the hidden things I've added in this comic.