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Water Lily High
Issue 1

Water Lily High

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Car Creeper
These two panels are actually two illustrations I made for a different Instagram account I have (it's a blog style one). It's literally based on a real life event I go through every now and then, and I'm going to explain it to y'all...

has anyone else ever notice that some people actually just stare into your car when you are either inside it or walking up to it? I know y'all are probably thinking "no, I've never seen anyone do this ever", well guess what I have! I don't know why but I see a lot of people do this all the time, and it's just creepy, it is almost like their looking for a valuable item or they're just nosey or something, and what's really creepy is that they mostly do it ( that I know of) when I'm IN THE CAR!!!! They just stand there right in my window and look right into it at me for a good solid minute, and when I look directly at them they don't even move or flinch, they just continue to stare at me and look around in my window and in my car, it's really weird, creepy and overall unsettling!!!

So yeah, I'm thinking of making more comics based on things that happen to me later on (I can't do it right now because I'm working on a new project).

Featured characters: Sarah Trivette (the one in the car) And Jenny Evers (a nosey creeper).

Hope y'all like this weird comic.
Well, this took me a long time to make, I hope you like it.?

characters: Sarah Trivette, Amy Thorn, "Cactus" Clark Griffin, "Black" Billy Jones and "Pyro" Tom Dread.
Cameo Characters: Kevin Randler, Keisha Williams and David Wesguini.
The Call
I guess you could say that this is a parody, I don't know, hope y'all like it. ?

Featured OCs: Sarah Trivette and Ryan Bridger.

Note: I hid some stuff in the background of this comic leave a ⭐ or ?️ if you see the things I hid.

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Can't Answer That
Poor Elijah, I guess the hunter has been hunted (sorry bad joke), I hope you all like this comic.?