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Weird in a Can
Chapter 8: Saturday Knight Fever

Weird in a Can

Starting from Comic #211: 12
It's an unconventional move, but the judges will allow it.

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Really dropped the ball on that move, though, so I wouldn't count it.
I thought for sure they didnt stand a chance against those immense lapels
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As we see here, Tasha is the brains of the group.
Kim is...not.

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Crawling in the vent wasn't such a dumb idea after all.
This is making me think of when Winnie the Pooh gets stuck in Rabbit's window
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Bigger version of that first panel if you're interested:
Image: http://i.imgur.com/Md71xjD.png
George & Phil's Eggscelent Adventure.

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at what point does a platform cease to be a platform and simply become a post

bc whenever htat point is, phil is clearly way past it here
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