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Weird in a Can
Chapter 8: Saturday Knight Fever

Weird in a Can

Starting from Comic #215: 16
George & Phil's Eggscelent Adventure.

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at what point does a platform cease to be a platform and simply become a post

bc whenever htat point is, phil is clearly way past it here
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Confession: the punchline for this page is my favorite joke in this whole chapter.

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The second panel actually made me laugh harder than the punchline.
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I can neither confirm nor deny that the antagonist here was inspired by the Yu-Gi-Oh! card "Lord of D."

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ohmygod the power exerted in panel 4, i felt that
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Gold conducts electricity, I looked it up.
Rest assured that the science behind taking out a disco dragon is perfectly sound.
See you on Thursday for the conclusion of "Saturday Knight Fever"!