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Weird in a Can
Chapter 8: Saturday Knight Fever

Weird in a Can

Starting from Comic #219: 20
Gold conducts electricity, I looked it up.
Rest assured that the science behind taking out a disco dragon is perfectly sound.
See you on Thursday for the conclusion of "Saturday Knight Fever"!
When reading the Christmas special, did you wonder why the Ghost of Christmas Present referred to Phil as "Sir Dr. Pain"?

Well, it took me over seven months to answer it, but there you go!
Anyway, that concludes Chapter 8, "Saturday Knight Fever"! Hope you guys enjoyed it (all those hours of listening to Disco would be worth it)!


I've got an Intermission lined up for next week, but it's gonna be a while before I finish Chapter 9. But hopefully it won't be as long as the previous hiatus was.

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OK, now that was funny.
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Intermission: Sign Language

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I think fate is trying to tell him something.
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