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Wright as Rayne
30. Violet Thoughts
Violet Thoughts, Page 24

Wright as Rayne

Starting from Comic #1146: Violet Thoughts, Page 24
Violet Thoughts, Page 24
Yeah, not much to say on this one; just some breezy action, Starchild being awesome, and Paxton apparently getting way too into character. Been having way too much fun with him acting girlier and girlier. Paxton falling into the pool was Martin's idea; really breezy element to happen. Didn't even occur to me to use the pool for that; he did a great job with the water effects. .... Had a couple of things we wanna happen now that they're both in the pool, so we'll see how it goes. ^^

Honestly, the more I draw Dorothy's boy form the more I friggin' love it. LIke, I just dig how this looks entirely too much. They might not turn back for the rest of the chapter, honestly.
First off, next batch of Militant Gold pages is out tomorrow! Given the irregular schedule feel like it's probably a good idea to continue to remind people of those as they arise, next one is a set I've been pretty eager to get to.

But yeah, this one was fun to do. Sort of a funny note on the way the water's done here, Adam asked me what sort of prep work he needed to do on the water to get it to work with people in it combined with how I've been doing it of late and I just kind of told him, "Uh, do it like you normally would and I'll figure it out from there." Wasn't really actually very complicated and kind of think it could look better if anything, particularly in the last panel, but am still rather happy with how it came out.

IN general kind of enjoy how wildly off the rails this chapter's been. Very different flavor from usual with WaR but hey, that's why you do an author swap, right?

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