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Xade's Test Strips

Xade's Test Strips

Starting from Comic #2: Church001
Well, here is another test Render. It is a very basic, work in progress, version of the church in Without A Will. I was writing a scene and it was so cut and dry that I realized I needed to see it more than in my feeble imagination. I can mentally see things but it's hard if I dont know much about it. The church was only glanced upon in the first version of WaW. In the rewrite I thought I would set a scene right into it. All in all, each item only took about 10 minutes to model but the UVing (laying the 3d model flat for painting)was a painful hour each. The wall is a duplicated item that was then rotated and moved about so it encompassed the whole building's yard. Eventually, it will be full of trees (that blobby green thing)and some basic statues. Texturing everything only took a few minutes with the patterns that I have from Deviant Art's Sed-rah-Stock Only the grass and trees are mine from the cloud rendering in photoshop, but that might change in the next version, since I restored my collection from my old computer :P
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