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Young Cannibals
Captive Audience, Part 4

Young Cannibals

Starting from Comic #1394: Captive Audience, Part 4
Captive Audience, Part 4
Comics with bad jokes all this week. It'll be better than explaining your life choices to your relatives over dinner.

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Oh, explaining is not an issue, I'm not given the chance. They tell me what is right and good for my spouse, the children and I are expected to comply immediately if not sooner sooner. They expect me to become a junior them, in thought, action and belief.
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Captive Audience, Part 5
We just had a whole week of comics with bad jokes. Hopefully, it helped you get through dinner with those people you call family. Good luck shopping with all those strangers in malls 'n such.
Happy Birthday, Sparky
Today would have been the 100th birthday of Charles M. Schulz. It would have been remiss of me not to commemorate it somehow.
Go Speed, Go!
Funny thing about the holiday season: People like to spend the holidays with their loved ones, but, after a day or two, they're not loved ones anymore.
Winter is Coming
December is the best time of the year. It's when all the mosquitos start to die.

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Providing you live somewhere where it's decent enough to allow killing frosts. If not next summer will be living H### with bugs.
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So You Want to Drink Some Coffee, part 1
A lack of coffee may cause memory loss and sometimes memory loss.
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