Community rules
The rules are relatively simple,
  • ComicFury is free. Yes, it's free, you do not have to pay anything to use the site, sign up, make webcomics or post on the forums. Everything is free. It is financed by donations.
  • Do not harrass other people in comments you give, try giving constructive criticism. Don't spam either.
  • Don't downvote (voting 1 on every single comic of a strip or a user) just because you don't like somebody, or the genre they happened to pick.
  • Be a team player. Don't be rude or insulting to other people.
  • Don't steal material from other people. If you can't be original, stay out.
  • Don't cheat. Don't create a second account to give your comics good votes or subscribe to your comic, use common sense. Making your brother or friend create an account just to vote you up counts as cheating as well. Especially if they are in the same house as you.
  • If there are multiple ComicFury users in your household, please refrain from voting on each other's webcomics completely.
  • Legal stuff only. Much like any other website, ComicFury has to obey the law. Contrary to many websites, it actually does this, though. So yeah, legal stuff only.
  • If your comic contains adult content, flag it. Your webcomic avatar and banner must be "safe for work" (no gore, adult content or overly suggestive imagery).
  • Only make a site for your comic if you're going to plan to host it here. Your webcomic does not have to be hosted exclusively at ComicFury, but making a site only for the sake of linking somewhere else is prohibited. If you want to advertise a site that is not hosted on ComicFury, do so on the forums.

That being said, here are things that you are allowed to do:
  • Remove all links and mentioning of on your webcomic page
    If you use a default layout, it will link back to ComicFury. Feel free to remove those links, we would appreciate it if you didn't, but if you don't want them, you can remove them.
  • Put up ad-banners (your own advertisement) on webcomic sites hosted by ComicFury
    ComicFury is providing you a service free of charge, and we're not going to put any ads on your comic sites, but if you want to earn money with your webcomic or want to advertise something for some other reason, you are allowed to put up your own ads. It's your comic.
  • Put up adult content on ComicFury
    As long as you flag your comic appropriately when creating it, there's no problem with putting up adult content. Pornography (as in photographs of real people), however, is not allowed. Depictions of minors (drawn or otherwise) in sexual activities are also not allowed.
    As mentioned before, banner and avatar are an exception, because those are displayed on ComicFury itself. They must be "safe for work" (no nudity or overly suggestive imagery).
  • Add a donate button to your comic
    It's yours. We don't care what you do, as long as it's legal. So yes, you may put donate buttons on your comic. Same goes for links to a store, forum or anything else, really (as long as it's legal).
  • The rules are subject to change at any time without notification.